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Small Group Fitness Training - you pick the members of your group, you create the goal - we provide the custom training plan and guide you to your goal

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Experience a new concept in training, where you have the tools and the skills that you need to be your best.  If you are an athlete, we are Division 1 athletes, that can train and coach you to all levels in: Speed, Agility, Quickness, Flexibility, Strength and Power, Injury Prevention and Rehab.  If your focus is Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, we design your work out plan, train you, educate you about nutrition and help you learn to live a healthy lifestyle.  

Fitness is a wide ranging term, and how  it is used varies even more.  Here at ARDOR Elite we are client orientated and results driven.  We offer 1-on-1 , Small-Group and general Fitness Classes, each of which can get you results. However your needs and lifestyle will determine which route you need to take.  Our ultimate goal is to make you Performance Ready, that is ready to complete the task before you or to compete at your optimum levels in any activity you choose to.  We will address all the mental and physical elements that make you successful.  When you are performance ready, you are ready to be competitive.

Strength and conditioning is a year round program.  The needs of your sport will be analyzed and your workouts will be tailored to the specific phases of your athletic year; in season, off season, pre-season, and post season.  We will keep you making gains throughout the year. 

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If you want to lose weight and get into great shape, take it to the next level with the guidance of our professional trainers.  ARDOR Elite Small Group Training Classes provide smaller, intimate class sizes with more individualized attention.  The best part is you get to choose who is in your group. Be it your family, friends, co-workers.  It could also be like minded individuals who share the same goals; leisure runners, stay at home moms, small company fitness plans etc.  Your personal trainer will lead your group to coach you through exercises on everything from cardio machines, TRX suspension systems, cable systems, dumbbells, kettle bells, functional training, core and more.  Draw from the energy of your group as you push yourself for better results. 

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Across all sports, athletes must use speed, agility, quickness and power to be explosive on their fields and courts. Our advanced training methods will focus on developing these skills so that you will have the ability to use strong, quick movements.

This is your chance to develop and improve your athletic prowess from the ground up.  It doesn't matter if you are a young athlete stepping on the field or court for the first time or if you are a seasoned veteran looking to fine tune your skills.  ARDOR Elite has the right program for you.  If athletics is your game, you ideally need to train year round.  Our programs are designed to complement the coaching that athletes receive at practice.  We focus on improving the overall athlete.  We work in team and small-group environments and 1-on-1 to achieve the maximum results.


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